Raiko Hartman is an award-winning photographer known for his artistic originality and creative technical skills. He utilizes both current digital technology and traditional film formats in his work. Raiko received his Masters of Science degree in Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. He has operated a successful commercial photography business for over twenty years. His innovative editorial work has been displayed in various fine art exhibitions, and he was featured in the book A Day in the Life of Hollywood. Raiko has also conducted technical lectures on advertising photography and creative lighting for Advertising Photographers of America. Raiko’s work focuses on people and product photography, and over his long career he has produced numerous national advertising campaigns for major ad agencies, corporate clients, and the entertainment industry. His clients have included Sony, Microsoft, Harley-Davidson, Eastman Kodak, Bank of America, Taco Bell, People Magazine, and Warner Brothers. Raiko has recently published an academic book entitled Controlling Legal Ownership of Intellectual Property. Currently, Raiko works as a freelance commercial photographer in Los Angeles.

Warner Brothers
Fox Broadcasting
Rhino Records
Texas Instruments
Chubb & Son Inc.
Playboy Magazine
Union Bank
Arrowhead Water
People Magazine
Long Beach Hospital
Pioneer Bread
KCET-TVTaco Bell
USC Medical Center
Bank of America
Zero Halliburton
Dupont Publications
Eastman Kodak
Forbes Magazine
Vertel Corporation
On Graphics
Regal Rent
Pacific Gardens
Harley- Davidson
Los Angeles Unified Schools